How We Support You

In our ongoing commitment to both candidates and clients schools, the Sincere Education consultants are on-call 24hrs a day to help with any situation or query which may need answering.

Having been raised in the local area, our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of all routes necessary to reach our partner schools, including local transport information for anyone who may not have access to a car, and who rely on the public transport network.

If you’re an aspiring Teaching Assistant (TA) / Learning Support Assistant (LSA) or Overseas Trained Teacher (OTT) with no UK experience…no problem! we have a wide selection of partner schools who will offer voluntary placements* for a short period of time (often leading to fully paid positions) to those who demonstrate the necessary commitment and skill required to work with their young learners.

*pending the successful completion of an enhanced CRB/DBS and List 99 check.

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Sincere Education takes Child Protection very seriously and carries out full checks on all candidates prior to their employment with us.

We adhere to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Education Division Code of Practice. We meet and clear all of our candidates in accordance with the “Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education” guidelines, the “Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations” and the Department for Education/REC Quality Mark guidelines.

In addition to this we meet UKBA guidelines to ensure we are preventing illegal working in the UK. Confirmation of all completed vetting checks is provided to the client.

Summary of registration / Checks:
Face-to-face registration
Identity Check
Teaching / Support staff Qualification
References and previous employment history
Health Check
List 99
Enhanced DBS Check
Agency Barring Check
Right to work in the UK

The following checks are carried out during our face-to-face registration:

Candidates are required to provide photographic proof of identity; confirming their name, date of birth and photographic likeness.
An original passport is preferred but if this is not available we will accept the following documents as proof of ID:
Original EU photo ID Card / Original photo driving license – confirming name, date of birth and photographic likeness and one additional piece of supporting documentation from the DBS List 2 of valid identity documents.
If a candidate’s name has changed, we will require clarification and request documents of marriage certificates, divorce papers, change of name (deed poll papers), adoption papers to verify this.

Teaching candidates are required to hold a valid and recognised teaching qualification such as the following examples, and proof of which must be seen:

QTS, PGCE, Bachelor of Education, BA or BSc with Education, Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma of Education, Masters in Teaching / Education

HLTA, Level 2 & 3 Teaching assistant qualification
*Unqualified support staff must show a good level of reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Sincere Education requires a minimum of two references (two written or one written and one verbal). One of which must be an education reference, and both will need to be verified directly with their respective referees. One of which, must be from the last or most recent employer. A written follow up is always secured on any verbal reference. Unless there are extenuating circumstances – in most cases we will have two written teaching references from within the last two years, including one from the last or most recent referee, verified or sought directly with the referee.

Candidates may be asked to provide references or evidence of travel etc… to cover any significant gaps in their employment history.

References will be requested each term for candidates working through the agency so that teaching references remain updated.

All candidates will be required to complete a standard agency medical declaration form confirming that they are medically fit to work in compliance with The Education (Teachers’ Qualifications and Health Standards) (England) Regulations 1999.

Candidates may also be requested to provide a medical note or certificate from their doctor.
If there is any doubt over the medical fitness of a candidate, a full certificate may be requested.
Medical declaration forms will be updated every two years or sooner if deemed necessary by the agency.

LIST 99:
Sincere Education carries out checks on all of our candidates (under all known names) against the List 99 as required by Education (Restriction of Employment) Regulations 2000.
Candidates will be required to have their details submitted for a List 99 check to verify that they have not been barred or restricted by the Secretary of State.

Candidates applying for positions which are exempted from the provisions of the Rehabilitations of Offenders Act 1974 will be asked to declare any convictions, cautions or bind-over’s which they have incurred, including any that would be regarded as ‘spent’ under the Act in other circumstances. They will be required to sign the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act Statement

Sincere Education is a registered body with The Disclosure and Barring Service.
All candidates, including overseas candidates, are required to apply for a DBS Enhanced Disclosure to verify their declaration and clear them to work, prior to commencing their first placement or when placement is imminent.
Teachers who have been out of the classroom for three months or whose DBS is older than three years will be required to apply for a new DBS Enhanced Disclosure.

Any candidate who may have resided overseas will also be required to apply to their national police authority for a police check.

Original police checks from the candidates’s home country dated within the last six months (Up to 12 months in extenuating circumstance) of their departure must be provided.

DBS Enhanced Disclosures will be updated every three years or sooner if deemed necessary by the agency
Should a DBS Enhanced Disclosure be returned with disclosed information, Sincere Education will discuss the nature of the offence with the candidate and confirm that these details will be released to ONLY the most suitable party of any school in which they are placed in.

If a DBS check contains any disclosed information Sincere Education will provide the school(s) in which the candidate works with a copy of that disclosure. This will be sent by post, marked private and confidential for the appropriate party or may be sent by secure fax. Sincere Education will call the school to verify the fax number, fax the DBS behind an initial blank cover page marked private and confidential for the attention of the appropriate party and call the school to confirm receipt of the fax, immediately after sending.

Disclosed information will only be passed to the school and agency staff members that are entitled to receive it. The school may wish to investigate further with the candidate or take out their own DBS check, or even seek further assurance from Sincere Education that their investigations have found that the information does not prevent the teacher from working with children.

If a Disclosure reveals that the Secretary of State has placed restrictions on a person’s employment, the person must not in any circumstances be placed in a post which would infringe those restrictions, and the registered person should tell the head teacher or college principal about the terms of the restrictions which the Secretary of State has placed on the person’s employment. Sincere Education will also notify the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) if such a person is seeking employment with children. Candidates who are UK Trained or who hold QTS will also have their Records checked via the Teaching Agency Website. All candidates are also checked to ensure they are not on the 3 Prohibited Teaching Agency lists.

Schools will be provided with written notification via email indicating which checks have been undertaken on a teacher prior to them commencing any assignment.

With regard to DBS Disclosures, Head teacher’s may, at their discretion, allow candidates to commence assignments whilst their disclosure is pending, under appropriate supervision and providing other checks are already in place. The agency will inform the school of the date the DBS was requested and when it has been received.

If any documents provided are in a foreign language, the agency may request an official translation

Serious, deliberate fraud or deception in connection with an application for employment may amount to a criminal offence (Obtaining Pecuniary Advantage by Deception). In such cases Sincere Education will consider reporting the matter to the police. The case may also be reported to the DBS.

Any candidates who are suspended or dismissed from a post due to any allegation or incident that may lead to Child Protection concerns will be reported to the DBS.

For any further information please contact our compliance team on