Sharing has never been so rewarding.

Are you a happily registered member of the Sincere Education team? Then you can earn £150 when you recommend a friend or colleague to us. It’s quick and easy to do.

Not registered with us?

Introduce your friend

Get in touch to tell us you’d like to refer someone. We’ll need to know their name, phone number and the type of role or subject they cover.


We meet them

Then we invite your friend for an interview to register with us. After all the necessary checks have been made, your friend can get started.

Collect your reward

Once your friend completes 10 full days of work within 10 weeks*, you can claim your £150. But why stop there? Get £150 for every recommendation you make!

*Terms + conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

As many as you like! There’s no limit.

No, the referral reward is only open to those who are already SE members.

Once your friend has completed 10 full days of work for us, we pay the money directly into your account. (NB. it can take up to 10 days for payment to be processed.)

For the referral reward to be paid, your friend must work 10 days for us within 10 weeks (counting from the date all necessary checks are completed). If they don’t, we cannot make payment.

We can only pay you once your friend has completed 10 full days of work. Please check with them to ensure they’ve completed the registration and worked the full qualifying period.

You will be liable to pay income tax and National Insurance on any payment received. For details, check at