Why become a supply teacher?

Freedom and flexibility
Choose when to take or turn down work, and enjoy cheaper holidays in term-time.

Boost your professional development
Work in a range of settings to learn new ideas and develop your expertise.

Try before you buy
Gain insight into different types of schools and find out which suits you best.

Less paperwork, more spare time
Less planning and marking than a permanent teacher = more time for you

Improve your job prospects
If you go for a permanent contract, you’re more likely to land one from a supply role, than from unemployment or a non-teaching role.

Which qualifications do I need?
Ideally, you should hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) via a PGCE (Secondary or FE). If not, you may be able to work as an Instructor or Cover Supervisor in some Secondary Schools if you hold a degree (or are studying for one) and plan to become a teacher.


Teaching Assistant (TA)| Learning Support Assistant | SEND Teaching Assistant
Work inside and outside the classroom to create a stimulating environment, look after students’ welfare and support their learning throughout the school year.

Cover Supervisor (CS)
Manage a classroom and ensure students stay on task with work they have been set.

Why become a TA or CS?
Every day is different, with plenty of opportunity to use your skills and creative talents
Work flexible family-friendly hours and have school holidays off
Less paperwork: no planning, no marking

Which qualifications do I need?
You need excellent communication, literacy and numeracy skills, the ability to deal with challenging behaviour and a real interest in teaching and learning. Many teachers begin their careers in these roles, so this experience is a great step towards future training.


Daily Supply
Choose when and where you work, and experience different schools, cultures and year groups without the responsibilities of a full-time position.

Long-term Assignments
These can last from one term up to a whole academic year. Become a more active member of the school, participating in meetings and extra-curricular activities, to enhance your experience and personal development.

Permanent Positions
Looking for a more secure role? We’ll work hard to find one that suits you. Come and discuss your aims and expectations with one of our experienced consultants.


We promise to always be honest and open with our candidates. No waffle or spin.

Your personal consultant
We start with a face-to-face meeting to make sure we understand what you’re looking for. (We know how important a healthy work-life balance is.) We allocate each candidate their own personal consultant, so you won’t be called by different people offering you work in areas that don’t suit you.

Close communication
We consistently keep you informed and aim to get detailed client feedback after any interviews or days you work in a school. We always reply when you apply for a job, even if your application isn’t successful.

Realistic notice times
Many schools can’t pre-plan their cover, so we often get calls for bookings between 6.30-7.30am. We always aim to manage their expectations in terms of your arrival time so that both sides feel adequately prepared.

Efficient payment
We offer straightforward payment with no hidden fees – you choose your preferred payment method. With long term assignments, once you complete the 12-week qualifying period, we ask the school to recognise your point on the main pay scale (MPS), to bring your pay in line with that of a permanently staff member doing the same role.

We’re lucky enough to have received many referrals from satisfied candidates.

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